Noodles and veggies in spicy garlic sauce

Posted by on January 19, 2012 at 6:50 am.

Pasta Vegetable Noodles 1

Yesterday afternoon I prepared this simple dish; noodles and vegetables in a spicy garlic sauce.

The next few weeks will be extremely busy, and so just tossing a few extra ingredients to foods I’ve already prepared; rice, beans, and pasta… will be common.

My vegetable pasta is actually made from vegetables but yesterday I used the traditional pasta noodle. Since I already had pasta noodles from a few days ago, the only thing I needed to add was vegetables and prepare the garlic sauce. Besides the obvious garlic, I added finely chopped onions (which I’d sauteed) and I coarsely chopped broccoli and tomato, and marinated tofu — which I’d crumbled. I didn’t make too much of this perhaps three servings, my daughter ate hers quickly and asked for more.

This meal was quick, delicious, and nutritious, and more important it was served in minutes.


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