Praying Mantis; Early morning visitor

Posted by on September 9, 2012 at 6:13 am.

Last Sunday, while on our way to church, my daughter and I saw this lovely visitor hanging out on our front porch.

Such a lovely critter, I love praying mantises!

I suspect this praying mantis had already laid her eggs (to be hatched next year.) She carefully looked us over, and after determining that we weren’t a threat she continued basking in the early sun rays — while my daughter and I hung out with her for a few moments.

Praying mantises are always a welcome sight in our garden, since they hunt and kill insects that would damage our crops.

I love insects, and praying mantis are one of my favorites so I usually try to make time to marvel at how awesome they are whenever I see them.

The females are generally larger than the male, and if the male isn’t careful he’ll become a meal for his cannibalistic companion shortly after mating. Be happy that human mating customs aren’t so deadly.

Our God is great, and has created out some amazing things, take time to enjoy life — it passes by so quickly.


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