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soursop leaves

Dried Soursop leaves

Last evening (and a good part of today) my daughter was vomiting. Naturally, this meant she stayed home from school and I went into full mother hen mode doing the nurturing thing. My daughter loves that she gets extra special hugs, kisses and pats when she’s sick. she gets them even when she isn’t, but it gets ramped up even more when she’s not feeling well. She loves the extra attention and I enjoy doing those extra special things for her.

This morning, she still could not keep anything down since  her stomach was still doing somersaults, I brewed a large pot of ginger root and soursop leaves. Both are loaded with nutrients that are very helpful (more about soursop in another post) and since each are soothing for stomach upsets, it was top on my tame menu for combating an upset stomach. Anyway, I gave her some of the tea to drink. She accepted it and tentatively took a sip, unsure how if her body would accept or reject the tea. I also had some of it.  She was able to keep it down for a few hours, before she vomited. When she did throw up, it wasn’t a lot. Her next cup she kept down successfully. I also rubbed her stomach with a few drops of lavender essential oil mixed with a bit of raw cocoa butter.

I’m thrilled to say that this afternoon, she started feeling better and so I was able to prepare something besides liquids. Spicy foods were out and so I settled for a tame homemade vegetable soup. It smelled great, more importantly she told me it tasted wonderful. She told me it warmed her stomach and also said it was the perfect way for her to reintroduced to solid foods once again.

This evening, I’m a bit exhausted. Which isn’t surprising.  I was up late last night/early morning cleaning up vomit and vomiting and hovering over  my nauseous ten year old princess. Bedsheets & clothes were washed, dried and folded. Additionally everything within the rooms she was in and whatever she touched was wiped with some of my homemade cleaning products and I went over the area with my  handheld steamer.

I think I will curl up and rest a bit until bedtime. I’m exhausted so as soon as she is sleeps, I will also.



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