Trying again…

This past weekend, I did not see my friend from high school. This past Saturday, she was sick, and even though she made it clear that I still could come up to visit, I declined and told her to get her rest. We’d see her, and the rest of her family, when she was feeling better. After all, the world wasn’t coming to an end just because we didn’t see each other and I do believe that us not going worked out very well. My car was leaking transmission fluid and this gave my father to check it out to see what was causing the issue. The filter seems to be the culprit and that has been replaced.

Sunday, the BF came over and we spent an enjoyable time eating, teasing and spending time just being together. We normally see each other a few times weekly, but with him being sick last week, yesterday was the only time I’ve seen him since Sunday, August 12. We both shared the same sentiments… not wanting to go that long without seeing each other again. We both missed each other immensely and that’s a wonderful feeling.

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Sorry you weren’t able to meet up! And sorry to hear about your car! Oh My! Glad the BF is feeling better tho 🙂
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