Reconnecting with a High School Classmate

This Saturday, I’m hoping to meet up with an old classmate from high school. I have not seen her in over twenty years; however, we do stay in contact via Facebook and more recently text messages and phone calls. To be perfectly honest, there’s no reason why we should not have gotten together sooner.

For the past few months, I’ve prayed to God that he would surround me with fellow Christian ladies that I could interact and hang out with. Well.. God gave me a gentle shake and told me, “Opal, they are all around you! You just need to take the initiative and reach out to them… and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

How will we spend our time together? Well, we are planning on doing some paper crafting. My daughter is tagging along and she wants to sketch. We are also going to share dinner together. How awesome will that be? A fun-filled time of fellowship, crafting and eating. If she gives me the “ok,” I’ll be sure to post a few pictures here on Celebrate Life.

High School Drama

I had to chuckle at the poster I’ve included above. I’m happy to say, that most of the things listed here, I could not identify with.

I’m also including the above video, I Wanna Go Back, by Eddie Money since it does make me think of High School; however, I don’t want to go back… 😉 I’m content with my life and even with the occasional pits I’ve stumbled in along my life path, I’m happy with my life.

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Hope you two will get to meet eventually. In my younger days, we used to write in one another’s autograph books. One popular one that I remember would be:
Make new friends
Keep the old
One is silver
The other is gold!
suituapui recently posted..She’s the one…


I know what you mean – everyone told me I would want to go back – it still hasn’t hit me! I wasn’t a fan of high school. College, however, much more interesting and I enjoyed that! I hope you have fun – can’t wait to hear all about it!
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