What is SOPA and PIPA? How it could this bill change your internet experience (if passed).

Posted by on January 19, 2012 at 10:08 am.

As mentioned, I participated in the internet blackout on all my sites on Wednesday, 01/18/12.

The good news is that 25 senators are now against the bill. Naturally this is great news, but is something to keep a close eye on to make sure that these bills aren’t tacked on to other bills.

If you’re not sure what the SOPA and PIPA are abut, please check out the video, which is 11 minutes and 15 seconds, below. Thus far, this is the best video I’ve seen about these two bills, and I’d encourage you to watch it — if you haven’t already.


  • Jennifer says:

    I have been literally talking to a friend about this until I am blue in the face and they didn’t believe it – only saw the off shore issues and nothing else…very frustrating! I did write to my local, regional, state politicians and receive 2 of the 7 back…both of the 2 were form letters, yes, but NOT in favor so it was nice to hear! 🙂


    Opal Reply:

    Hi @Jennifer, Yes, you’ll have some folks that won’t believe that this is a possibility. I don’t have that much faith in the industry or the government for that matter. In my opinion, the US govt. is too big!, I’m all about small govt. — but that’s a rant for another day. I can easily see how this law could be abused.
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    Jennifer Reply:

    I totally agree on all levels 🙂
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