Work in Progress; Knitted Voodoo doll

Posted by on May 14, 2013 at 7:33 am.

My daughter’s  knitted voodoo doll is coming along quite nicely…

Knitted voodoo doll_1


If you use your imagination perhaps you can see the eyes and limbs already attached? Currently, I’m at the point where I need to stuff the head and perhaps add the eyes and embroider the face before I finish decreasing the head. As you see the head is much bigger than the body. It reminds me of those bobble heads. If I work on it a bit today, after my work is complete, I should be finished this tomorrow… which of course gives me ample time to sew a cute outfit for this amigurumi doll.

I started knitting this yesterday evening. What’s hilarious is that I was knitting this in front of my daughter. She has no clue that I’m making it for her. Yesterday she asked, “What are you knitting mommy?” I replied, “Oh I’m just playing with stitches…” 😉 She saw me knitting a few rows this morning so she knows it’s a doll, but she still doesn’t know I’m making it for her. She most likely thinks I’m making something to add to the items I’ve knitted for those in need. Now that this project is actually starting to look like amigurumi, I’ll have to stop knitting in front of her. The rest of the knitting will be complete while she’s at school or sleeping.


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