Adding extra duties while my dad is in a nursing home; Power Washing their home

A few weeks ago my mother mentioned that she wanted to powerwash her home. I remembered a while ago that she had bought a joke of a powerwasher for under $40. I told her at the time, that was not going to do what she’d envisioned, and promptly forgot about that. However, recently she brought up power washing again. I guess she realized what I said about her purchase was accurate? My mother was leaning towards an electric power washer, which I shot down almost instantly. I’ve used them in the past, and while they are fine, I much prefer gas-powered power washers, and so that’s where I began my research.

After a few weeks of watching videos and reading numerous reviews, I’ve finally settled on the WestinghouseWPX Max 3400 PSI 2.6 GPM Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer with Soap Tank and 5. The reviews on the 3400 and the 3200 were great.

It should be here on Friday, and it’s forecasted to be a warm weekend. I pray it stays that way because if that’s the case my parent’s home is getting power washed.


Video: Winterizing Your Pressure Washer


My father is now in a nursing home, we’re planning to bring him home soon, I’ve been stepping into the role of doing a lot of the “manly” things that he used to do. Grass cutting has been taken care of by me, maintaining my mother’s vehicle, adding air to her tire when it was low. She had mentioned calling the local auto mechanic and having them come out to her house. I told her, “No need mom, I got this!” I learned car maintenance and a lot of other “masculine chores” from my father. I decided at a very young age, that my gender should not automatically mean that I was exempt from any of these things since if something needed to be done, I should know how to take care of that. So yeah… you can add power washing the house to the list.

In other news: Testing out WpDiscuz

I’m testing out a new comment system; wpDiscuz 5. Upon activating, it didn’t appear that the person commenting could leave their URL? Hmm, that can make it a bit of a challenge if you or someone visiting your virtual home wants to check out the person commenting on your website, right? However, after a quick search, I discovered that the feature is there, it’s “hidden” however you can “extend” so the name/url automatically displays. Since I’m used to seeing the name/URL automatically displayed when leaving a comment I opted for “extended.”

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My missus bought one a long time ago, a pressure pump and ended with a whole lot of back aches after using it. Not easy, very tiring. She put it back in the box and never took it out again. I never bothered to try, thank you very much. LOL!!! Dunno if it still works.

Jennifer Bliss

So sorry to hear that your father is in a nursing home but good to hear that he will be coming home soon! You are a wonderful daughter to help with so many of the tasks at your parents home! You are so knowledgeable in so many things!


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