Amigurumi: Chibi Cat – WIP (Work in Progress)

Crochet Amigurumi Chibi Cat

Amigurumi: Crocheted chibi cat

Yesterday, I posted about my first amigurumi crocheted project. My daughter love cats, and so she asked me to make one for her.

Naturally I agreed, but was a bit puzzled on how I’d turn my first project into a kitty. Look at it, the head is oversized. It literally dwarfs the body. Last evening, I thought about this, while I was working on the arms and legs… Then it hit me! I could make a Chibi cat!

Chibi envy by nuhfanik d34ucmo

Because of this cats oversized head, it easily falls under the Chibi category. You’ll find Chibi’s in Manga (Japanese comics — which I absolutely adore!) Chibi’s are easily recognizable since their limbs are overly exaggerated. I wanted to make the arms and legs smaller, but my daughter wanted them to be ‘normal size’.

Finishing the crocheted amigurumi chibi cat

I still have a bit more to do on this Amigurumi chibi cat. A mouth needs to be added, I still need to crochet ears and a super long and skinny tail — but this being my first amigurumi project, I’m really pleased with how it’s progressing. Regarding the eyes, originally I was going to use buttons (or purchase eyes) for this project, but I opted to crochet the eyes instead. I made one slightly larger than the other, to add to its deformity.

There’s another reason I chose crocheted eyes… Remember when I wrote about The Mother Bear Project? Well… the more I thought about it, I realized that I don’t know how young some of the children might be that receive a hand crocheted or knitted bear. To be on the safe side, I think it’s wise for me to make the items out of fiber, so it won’t be a potential choking hazard. Some of the techniques I’m trying with this project (like the crocheted eyes) will be incorporated into the bears I crochet.

Crochet: No time for idle hands

Today, I’ll be volunteering at my daughters school. It’s open house, and so I’ll be greeting potential parents. I’ll be sure to bring along some yarn, crochet hooks, and perhaps a bit of fiberfill so I can create some more Chibi pets. I’m thinking I’ll make about 17. Once they’re completed, I’ll  hand them out to my daughters third grade class. Each school year I make some type of crafted item for her classmates.

My inspiration for this upcoming project comes from Nerdigurumi. I guess, you could say I’m already ahead of the game, since I’ve already made the heads. I made this this past weekend. I discovered her site this morning and have already liked her on Facebook. If you love Amigurumi, stop by the site and check out her adorable crocheted amigurumi critters.

Photo Source: Nuhfanik; Deviant Art

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Oops! Sorry! Works now! LOL – Was having troubles commenting earlier!

I totally LOVE this! This is sooooo cute! Can’t wait to see the progress!

I will be out of a few hours today! I will be speaking to a group of older ladies at a local Christian Women’s Association regarding our Wildtree Products 🙂

Also…thanks for letting me know about the Feed! Glad it works!
Jennifer recently posted..Doke Premium Silver Needles from Rare Tea Republic


Looks like an alien to me… I’m sure kids would love it… Only problem is they get so attached to it and hang on to it right up to adulthood. You still have your “bantal busuk” (smelly pillow, we call it in Malay)? LOL!!!
suituapui recently posted..(I did it) my way…


I have been pondering some Wildtree Radio Shows – I need to get my butt moving! LOL – Thanks for the push! I need it!

Swing by my Blissful Place blog when you have time and see my thrifty purchases for today! Would LOVE comments!
Jennifer recently posted..I spent $10.38 at my local Herb Store today…


For me, this looks like a snowman. Funny – my daughter just came in while reading this and guess what – we all want this little fellow for our next birthday:)
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Kate Brown Wilson

I really like the ideas you are sharing Opal , it very cute, i am sure my young one will make this as a toy. can’t wait to see some of your home videos.
Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..Baby Eagle


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