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Iron Flask Water Bottle

Although I drink water throughout the day, I realized that I’d been slacking and that I could easily up my intake of water by only not having to refill my container when I’m at work. Because of that, I swapped from my 32 oz glass mason jar to my 64 oz Iron Flask steel bottle that I purchased last Sunday. I’d told my daughter that my challenge would be to make sure that I continued to consume the same amount over the weekend when I was home, but guess what? That’s been a non-issue today. Because I’m almost done drinking my 64 ounces of water, typically, I’m done by 2:00 PM when I’m at work. I purposely try to do this, so if I have to use the restroom, that urge ends when I leave the office at 5:00 PM.

I have noticed that my sleep is becoming more restful again. More rest is excellent news! My appetite was never out of control. However, I have observed that I’m eating less daily.

Oven-baked garlic fries

Take, for example, today. I just ate about twenty minutes ago, and I only ate some (oil-free) home-baked fries. I bake them at 400 F. Guess what? They’re as crispy as fries cooked in oil. I must say, these fries sure are tasty, and they are one of my favorite baked treats, but I wasn’t able to finish this bowl; I’m just not hungry. I’ve saved half the bowl and will eat them either later today or perhaps tomorrow? That’s the thing; I won’t force myself to eat if I’m not hungry.

I did make my daughter a fish sandwich, and much earlier today, I prepared lunch for my father (hamburger with caramelized onions) but preparing the food didn’t make me the least bit hungry. For the most part, I will say that I typically only eat when I’m hungry throughout my life. Being this way has saved me from unnecessary weight gain. I might increase my water intake a bit more since it’s the weekend because I find that I crave even more water. I’m sure if I weighed myself, I would see that I’ve dropped a few pounds also. However, I’m not increasing my water intake for weight loss. I’m doing it because I should. I will say that I’m now back to the amount of water that I usually drank, and it does feel great. When I was actively going to the gym  (I currently work out at home), I drank even more water, at least a gallon (128 ounces) daily.


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Mike Goad

I probably don’t drink as much water as I should, but I do drink a fair amount of fluids — none with alcohol.

Weight gain and food have been problems for me for a long time, particularly after I quit smoking almost 40 years ago. There is always a craving for something.

I lost most of the gain about 12 years after that when I was running regularly, but, after a herniated disk that occurred for no apparent cause, I never got back to that level of fitness. I can honestly say, though, that I have not had any net weight gain during the pandemic. In fact, I think I’m actually down several pounds compared to where I was in March of 2020.
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