Juice Cleanse: Day 6; no hunger, feeling great!

Well, I’m beginning Day 6 of my juice cleanse…

Today I awoke at 3:30 a.m. and I feel great! By the way, between 3:30 – 4:00 is the normal time I awaken daily, without alarm clock.  Last evening, I made my twist on ‘V8’ juice. Naturally, it’s much healthier than the ‘V8 juice’ you purchase at the store. Firstly, the sodium is derived from the tomatoes and celery that were added to this delicious juice.  Secondly, there are no extras that my body does not need, and lastly it was freshly prepared. I will say that mine does have a bit of a kick since I added garlic and two bright red habañero peppers.

Rereading some of my of old  books (and in some cases new) on natural healing/nutrition has been extremely helpful and has been a perfect way for me to reconnect with the numerous of ways we can heal ourselves naturally if we’re only willing to open our minds and trust in the myriad of natural items provided to us by God.

Ellen danceIn my happy place…


My happy place; I’m experiencing raw cravings

Last evening, I was surprised when I was hammered with the craving to consume only raw meals when I step away from this juice cleanse. Last time I was craving a cheese steak and hamburger, both foods I have not touched in over seventeen years; no I didn’t eat them! I’ll take these type of cravings anytime!

Raw foods, is not strange to me since the majority of my daily food intake is high raw. Additionally, about five years ago I only ate raw food for a year. I will say that year, was incredible and although I normally feel great health-wise and spiritually that year I was on a whole different plane, and I loved it! While consuming only raw foods, I focused on whole food produce with the occasional supplementation of nuts and seeds. The raw junk food that you see some raw foodists promoting, wasn’t something that interested me at all.

I ‘chew’ my juice

Years ago, I stumbled upon an interesting article about the importance of chewing. The reason given was the chewing action mixes saliva with juice. Try it, you’ll and pay attention to what’s going on in your mouth, you most likely will detect more saliva. Increased saliva allows your body to absorb and utilize the nutrients in a more efficiently.

When you got that glow

I’m starting to get compliments, once again, about my ‘glowing skin’. I’ll take those, thank you very much.

I’m currently drinking

My freshly made ginger root tea. I’m craving some type of spicy drink and so later today, I think I’ll make a ‘Gazpaucho Juice’. I made one on my last juice cleanse.

How long will I continue on this juice cleanse? I have no idea, I’m listening to my body and will stop when it feels right.

Cranius: In My Happy Place



  1. Dr. Perry Chin: Chew your juice!
  2. The Worlds Healthiest Foods: Why is Chewing such an important part of digestion?



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Hey Opal, I’m glad that you are feeling great on your cleanse! That V8 juice sounds delicious! I agree that there are many natural options avaliable for us to manage and improve our health and well-being in a safe and effective manner.
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WOW! I think that Kate McKinnon does a great job with her Ellen impression! LOVE this dancing pic! Glad you are doing well!
Jennifer recently posted..Vegan Roasted Coconut Curry Cauliflower, Simple Kale Chips, Kitchen Gardening, More Sprouting


She’s one of the current cast members on Saturday Night Live 🙂
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That’s great that your father is so open to alternatives, I wish that more or my family was. I have friends who ask questions or comment on how they would like to make changes to their diet or need to improve aspects of their health, but it often doesn’t go much further than that. I guess it is a challenge to make the long-term effort required as opposed to just popping a pill, or having a surgery performed. Kudos to your dad and prayers for his healing!
Kenny recently posted..A Flurry of Gardening Events Precede Springtime