Kombucha: Second ferment

I believe that I mentioned that I’d started making kombucha again. I really enjoy the slightly tart taste of this beverage and since I really didn’t want to keep purchasing kombucha (it can get pricey) I decided to make my own. However, this time I didn’t create a SCOBY from one of my purchased bottles of kombucha.

I ordered my own SCOBY. See the above picture. That’s the little disc that I received well over a month ago

and now I have these SCOBYS!

That’s a lot bigger than the first one, right?

I have a two-gallon glass pitcher that I use to create my kombucha. Which explains why the SCOBY’s I now have are so large. They’ve adjusted to the size of the container that I use. My starter tea is black tea, Currently, I’m using English Breakfast, 16 cups of water, 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of my already fermented kombucha. I must say that the purchase SCOBY is much healthier than the SCOBY I made several years ago from one of my GT kombuchas. With this kombucha, we receive fizz with the first ferment.

One of the main flavors that we brew is a ginger, turmeric kombucha, which is added to the second ferment. However two days ago, I blended fresh pineapple and strawberries in my Vita-Mix and added the mixture to my glass flip top bottles.

Photo from one of my earlier batches that I made last month

Afterward, I added the kombucha tea. I opened one of the second fermented bottles one day later. It was extremely fizzy and delicious. Currently, I’m sipping on a cup of kombucha while I review my work assignments for today.

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I used to LOVE your booch posts! Looking forward to more of them! A blogging buddy of mine wants to get into making her own, too! Do you think you might be selling SCOBY starters by chance?
Jennifer recently posted..I’m Back & Will Be Catching Up for a LONG Time!