Lunch and Breakfast: What’s on the menu?

My goodness is the time flying by. This past July 4th weekend, my daughter and I spent part of our weekend with the BF.

July 4th quotes


Naturally, I cooked meals. As I tell the BF, he’s fortunate that I enjoy cooking so much. For me, it’s a form of crafting. I don’t use recipes and I definitely am not measuring what I add to the dish. Often, I have no idea what I’m going to make but my heart and fingers usually guide my path.

I told the BF that I wanted to making “pulled chicken,” for my daughter and him. “Do you have barbecue sauce?,” He asked. I smiled and told him I did not need barbecue sauce and I also told him that a “pulled chicken dish,” did not automatically have to have that.

First I put the chicken breast in his pressure cooker so it would be nice and tender. While that was working I sauteed onions, squash and mushrooms in a skillet. To that dish I added herbs and spices that I ground in my granite mortar and pestle. Once everything was completed I shredded the chicken and added it to the vegetables. My daughter said she wanted cheese and so I added a tiny amount to the last few minutes of cooking.

Pulled Chicken_1 07.04.15
Pulled chicken sandwich and potato salad


Here’s the result. As you can see, I also made potato salad. It’s the first time my BF has tasted my potato salad and he raved at how good it truly was. Guess what? They both ate seconds… and thirds! Although I love potato salad, I have not made it in a while. Truth be told… I could simply feast on a huge bowl of potato salad, that’s how much I adore the dish. However, I did not do that and ate in moderation.

Breakfast Meal_1 07.04.15
Spicy eggs, bacon and a roll. The drink is freshly juiced carrot/lemon juice.


I also had a chance to make them breakfast as you can see in the above photo. My daughter loves her cheese and so I added a small amount to the eggs, along with mushrooms, broccoli and a few other vegetables, spices and herbs. They both raved over this dish also and when back for seconds. With full tummies they were content to lounge about for a bit before we all played Scattergories!

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Sounds like a fun weekend! I had a lazy weekend which was nice I haven’t had one of those in a long time!
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Belated Happy Independence Day greetings! I’m like you, no recipe…just follow the nose/instincts.
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