My daughter made distinguished Honor Roll!

Not only did my daughter make Honor Roll this quarter. This time, she went all the way to the top by making Distinguished Honor Roll.  She’s made honor roll all four quarters of the school year and I’m so proud of her!

In her school, distinguished honor roll, is a step above regular honor roll. This achievement is given to those who have a 4.0 grade average; all A’s.  As her parent, I do believe it’s my job to make sure she does her best in school.

At her Lutheran school, the headmaster repeatedly tells them that once they’re finished with their education at our school, they’ll be able to compete globally. One of his daughter’s has taught in Africa and she’s told him, along with others, how much further in advance many countries are when it comes to education. I’m happy that  with our schools program he’s not content to settle with just doing good enough with those within the USA.  He’s not the only one concerned about US education, so am I. Check about quote below…

In a report issued in 2010, we found only 6 percent of U.S. students performing at the advanced level in mathematics, a percentage lower than those attained by 30 other countries. And the problem isn’t limited to top-performing students. In 2011, we showed that just 32 percent of 8th graders in the United States were proficient in mathematics, placing the U.S.

Although my daughter is not 100% home schooled. I still do a lot of “home schooling” at home.  It’s a pure win situation; My daughter enjoys it since she knows mom will help her if she does struggle and it keeps me in the loop by staying so involved with her schooling.



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curls and q

Q – I wish the parents of the students I had were as diligent about help at home as you are! Don’t even get me started!
curls and q recently posted..Rest Those Weary Feet