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My goodness has it been a busy year. Whew… I’m still posting, but recently my focus has been on a few of my other websites and, I have been slowly working on creating new cold processed soaps. I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with new recipes that I’ve created and tweaked a few of the older recipes. Yesterday, I made a pine tar soap and while it was a success, I’m calling that my ‘ugly soap” and will rebatch it so I can create a design that I wanted.

Homeschooling is going well and as great as my daughter did at her Lutheran school, she’s soaring even higher now because she can work at her own pace, her speed is fast. Also, homeschooling has opened up a world of new opportunities through the interactions that she has with people of various age groups. This past Friday, we toured the three labs at Hopkins. It was a fabulous opportunity for the kids and the organizers told the students to reach out to them if they had any more questions and to consider them in the future for careers.

Things are starting to slow down for me, but just a bit, before long it’s going to be Christmas. We don’t really get into the holiday that much, but we do hang lights and put out a tree. This was done before Thanksgiving. 🙂

I’m slowly working Celebrate Life back into the posting routine and yes, this task has to be penned into my Covey Planner.

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Jennifer Bliss

Hiya! Good to see you posting again! I figured you were busy! Glad things are going well for homeschooling. Happy to hear about the soaps, too! I’ll have to text you over the next couple of days! HUGS!

Mike Goad

I’m glad that your daughter is “soaring higher” with her homeschooling. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like for me to be able to to have quality homeschooling — I was never really challenged by the school curriculum and probably got poorer grades than I could have if I had been interested.

Our oldest daughter is really having fun providing learning opportunities at our local library. She is the childrens’ librarian and had has initiated quite a few new programs for local kids since she got the job last Spring. One of Karen’s quilts is being used for a fund raiser to help raise money for one of her programs. (I’ll be posting about it and sharing on Facebook later today)

Best wishes for getting back into posting here. I try to keep up posting just because I’m stubborn — and it gives me a way to focus and share some of my interests. I’m stubborn in that I refuse to give up on blogging like so many people have.

I hope you have a great rest of the year and a really good Christmas.
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Jennifer Bliss

What are the other sites you are blogging on these days!?
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