Sewing Adventures: Brother Coverstich 2340CV has arrived

Coverstitch seamsAs you can see, I decided to purchase the Brother Coverstitch 2340CV sewing machine, sooner rather than later.

The reason is quite simple, I’m planning to so  a lot of sewing this fall.  Many of my upcoming sewing projects will include a lot of knits.  I guess you could say that this purchase would qualify as a “luxury item.” After all, it only does one thing, create a finished hem and while you can make a similar hem using a twin needle on a regular sewing machine. The resulting stitching isn’t as stretchy.

I’ve stayed away from most knits because I hated the way my seams looked using a twin needle. I like the clothing that I design/sew to look professional. If you’re curious as to what a finished hem for a coverstitch machine. Check out the finished hem of your sweatsuits, tee shirts, or many of your stretchy made garments… most of those hems are made by a coverstitch machine.

After the unboxing, I decided to do a few test stitches and here’s what I created…

Absolutely nothing

Absolutely nothing! I haven’t even had a chance to take it for a test drive yet to see if it is working properly.

This post was written a few days in advance. I’m just now added this part, along with the few paragraphs written below. So no, I did not get a chance to check out the  finishing stitches on my Brother Coverstitch machine, but there’s a good reason which I’ve explained below.

So, you might be wondering why I did not get a chance to put my new machine through the usual paces. Well, it’s simple… a good chunk of today was spent emptying my closets of clothing that will be donated to those in need. So yeah… I will really have to sew my own wardrobe now. After removing the clothing, I washed all of them, three loads later they were all folded neatly and placed into large garbage bags and set aside for those in need. Yes, the clothing were already clean since they were hanging in the closet, but I cleaned them again. These clothes weren’t rags. Why in the world would I give rags or well worn clothes to those in need? Thankfully, those chores are finished and I’m hoping to start sewing tomorrow. I’m cutting out some fabric later today.

Lovely stretch fabric that I'm making into a top/pants.
Recycled photo from February 2013


Of course, the lovely knit green fabric that I wanted to use, I can’t find at the moment. I originally wrote about it on February, 9 2013. Yes… well over a year ago!  Sighs, it’ll turn up eventually.

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