Simple foods: Nutritious and delicious…

beetroot isolated on white backgroundI’m not one to make elaborate meals, especially during the warmer months. Also, I’ve found that I much prefer the natural tastes of the variety of produce that I choose to eat.

Earlier today, I made a simple meal of lentils, mushrooms, roma tomatoes, onion and garlic. To that I added some freshly ground herbs and spices. Simple but delicious. I took a picture, so will be sure to include a photo (along with the exact measurements) sometime this week.

I’m still juicing, I (usually)drink freshly prepared “produce juice” every day. Today, I made juice using beetroot, cilantro, habanero pepper, and cucumber. In hindsight, I should have added carrots or apples. This is the first time I juiced beet root without one of those two items and I received a nasty headache. More on why it’s important to combine beet root (which is a powerful liver cleanser/blood cleanser) with something like apples or carrots in another post.

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How’s summer? It is so so so unbearably hot here, have to drink lots and lots of water. I don’t think there will be a lot of seasonal fruits this year – many grow wild and are totally dependent on the weather.
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Sounds great! I’ve been eating very simple lately too! Next week I will be posting a Farro Recipe, tho!
Jennifer recently posted..First Raw Food World Shipment!