Still looking at manual grain mills

I wrote about grain mills back in 2013. Wow… I didn’t know it was that long ago that I wrote that post. My goodness time does fly by, right? At that time, I had thought I was going to purchase the Country Living grain mill. It’s manual with the ability to upgrade it to electric if one so desires. However, although I had every intent to purchase it back then, something told me to wait a bit longer and so I sat on that want (nothing new here). Sure, I’ve thought about buying a dedicated grain mill since that time, but I still am waiting, but I still set aside money for the future purchase.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon the Diamant (made in Denmark) and the GrainMaker Grain Mill. I was really interested in the GrainMaker and it received bonus points since  everything is made in the USA (as is the Country Living Grain Mill)  and on the forums that I frequent, it ranks higher than the Country Living Grain Mill, but the one I would purchase costs a few hundred dollars more, which puts the price a little under $700. Of course… I’ll pay for that in full at the time of purchase, no credit, cash. I dislike debt. I’m still going to do my research, but I do know that eventually, I’ll get around to purchasing one. Currently, the GrainMaker Grain Mill is in the lead of what I might purchase. I really did enjoy watching the video that I’ve included below.

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Jennifer Bliss

I was looking at the nut grinders that Matt Monarch talked about for a long time. They are VERY expensive and I’m sure totally worth the money if someone uses it daily (the same thing could be said for those who use Vitamix/BlendTec Blenders and I totally do and it’s totally worth it LOL) but I don’t know if I would use it on a daily basis like I do my blenders so that is why I didn’t look into buying one of the nut grinders, anyway.

I’ll be interested to see if/when you get the grain mill and what you think about it.
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I admire you, Opal. You can do anything and everything!
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