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Posted by on March 10, 2014 at 6:11 pm.
OXO Good Grips Pro Y-Peeler_

OXO Good Grips Pro Y-Peeler

Besides making spaghetti with my spiral vegetable slicer I also like making fettuccine type noodles.

My old Y peeler broke a few years ago. It looked sturdy, but obviously it wasn’t since it broke after about four months of use. I wasn’t heavy handed when using it either.  However, after a bit of research I’ve decided to purchase the OXO Good Grips Pro Y-Peeler. Hopefully it will last for a while and not conk out like the last one I purchased.

Living on Live Food by Alissa Cohen

This past weekend I went onto Amazon with the intention of purchasing only one book, but wound up purchasing four. The last book I purchased was a book that I used to have by Alissa Cohen titled Living on Live Food. About four years ago, I’d purchased two; one for myself and the other I intended to give away at some point to someone interested in raw foods. Well… turns out there were a few that were interested and so the one that I’d set aside for myself was eventually passed along to someone else.

I stumbled upon Alissa videos in 2009? I had seen a few of her videos, loved her positive vibe and promptly bought her book.  I didn’t follow any of the recipes she had included within the book. I much prefer coming up with my own thing, even though I adore a good recipe book and get inspiration from them. That’s why I purchase them.  But even though I did not follow the recipes, it’s still a book I treasured because of the positive vibe that oozed out from every single page.


Feeling the love…

How I’m feeling

It’s hard to put into words how I’m feeling. I already have a lot of energy and I know it’s tied to not only how I eat, but the healthy way I approach whatever comes my way. I don’t let things fester and spiritually my walk with Christ continues to grow. But even with all those great things I’m feeling even better and that has a lot to do with the past few weeks of just consuming juices and recently just adding one raw meal per day.

Cleaning with juices

A few words on cleansing…

I’m seeing more of what seems to be candida being released from my body and it seems that most of the symptoms are gone. Since it takes a while for candida albicans to take a foothold in your system, I also believe it takes a while for it to be defeated and brought back under control and that’s why the foods that I consumed that triggered it (although healthy) won’t be on my menu for at least a year. So no, I won’t be adding the occasional flour product or nice dark brew into my lifestyle and you know something? I don’t miss them at all. Good riddance I say… 😉

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