Crochet amigurumi: Amigurumi balls and amigurumi monsters

Posted by on April 29, 2012 at 7:46 am.

Amigurumi Monster 1

Amigurumi monster

Yes, it’s another amigurumi…

I know, I know, lately, I’ve been posting a lot of amigurumi crochet items, but I’m having so much fun!

I’ve finally found my crochet groove, and it’s amigurumi. I’ve mastered the basic stitches, which has helped me tremendously with my amigurumi projects, since (from my research) many amigurumis use basic crochet stitches.

Crocheting Amigurumi, and more…

Although, I’m In love with amigurumi, that hasn’t stopped me from working on other crochet projects…

I’m still working on my Yo-yo afghan, and I’m working on crochet jewelry;  I’ll start posting some of those pieces soon. Admittedly, the bulk of my time has been spent crocheting amigurumi, whether they’re aminekos, or cute little crochet amigurumi balls, I’m having a lot of fun.

Amigurumi balls Monster

Amigurumi balls and monster; work in progress

The above photos shows what I was crocheting; The cranberry ball was actually worked in a spiral. It’s my first time doing spiral crochet, and I must say, I’m pleased with the results. I’m loving the spiral pattern. 

Saturday evening gave me an opportunity to crochet. My daughter and I were watching a Shrek Marathon; four hours, that’s a lot of hours for us, we rarely watch television, but we both like Shrek… and so I got out my yarn and hooks and crocheted amigurumi balls. And my first amigurumi monster!

These are all works in progress, I still have to add faces to the amigurimi balls; most likely they’ll be some type of amigurumi animal.

Originally, I was going to purchase eyes, for my crocheted amigurumi monster, but I’m still on that ‘all crochet kick’ for the amigurumis I’ve been creating. I crocheted the whites of the eye, and embroidered the pupils. French knots were made for the pupils, and I decided the red eye should be looking downwards.

The face was added before it was stuffed with fiberfill. The stitches are more secure since I was able to go into the inside of this amigurumi cavity, with my needle, to strengthen my embellishments.

Currently my amigurumi projects are simple, and I’m fine with that. I want to master crocheting the basic amigurumi shapes, before I tackle challenging projects.

Gaming inspired crochet amigurumi

My long term goal is to turn some of my much loved gaming characters into crochet amigurumi. What you’re seeing now is some of the shapes that I’ll be incorporating into the various characters I create.

For those of you who’ve met me through various games  (in-game, forums or blogs) like World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls, Halo, Diablo, and Mass Effect, eventually you’ll see some of my favorite characters here, crocheted; of course. I’ve already sketched out designs for some of them…


  • Teeni says:

    I absolutely love the monster and the red-eye detail! You are really going to town with crochet! I love it! You are definitely keeping me inspired and I look forward to seeing more of your original creations. I am still refining my sea monkeys and I hope today to work on the swiffer covers a little more too. My mom saw my swiffer cover and wants to make some as well. I’ll be glad to have some company as I work on them. 🙂 If you ever come to Massachusetts, bring your yarn stash and hooks and we will get together for a crochet bee! And I will also if I go to your state!


    Opal Reply:

    Hi @Teeni, Thanks, I guess it’s an adorable monster, since not too much is scary about this little critter, lol.

    I can’t wait for you to post updates of your updated sea monkeys. I’ve always thought that was great when artists let you watch the entire process, including the many versions they attempted before refining the process. It gives new crocheters (like myself) an inspirational boost since the ‘experts’ aren’t always pleased with their first attempts. 🙂

    That would be fun, having a crochet bee.

    This coming weekend, I might be going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival; perfect since I live in Maryland.

    The thing is, I’m on a yarn diet, so it’ll be interesting to see whether I’m holding to that (if I’m able to attend the event).

    I’m having a lot of fun with crochet, it’s new and yes it’s challenging and that’s fine, it’d be boring if I mastered it soon after I started. I’m also blown away by all the crochet stitches.
    Opal recently posted..Crocheted Amineko with amigurumi ball animals


  • suituapui says:

    Not surprised that you’re having fun. It’s so cute… Looks like some Sesame Street character?
    suituapui recently posted..She likes…


    Opal Reply:

    @suituapui, You might be right, the face I made seems familiar to me, just can’t place where I’ve seen it before; perhaps it is something from Sesame Street, it’s been ages since I’ve watched that show.
    Opal recently posted..Crocheted Amineko with amigurumi ball animals


  • Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Wow! because of you Opal I have tried creating my own craft such as crochet, maybe I should try and make monster crochet like you do. to be honest creating odd craft can be consider a great outcome or investment.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..רב לייטמן


    Opal Reply:

    @Kate Brown Wilson, You should try!

    One of my blog buddies mentioned it can be time-consuming, but that’s true with most any type of craft. I do find it therapeutic, and a great way for me at least to relax. When I first started, wasn’t too much relaxing about it, since I had to keep ripping out rows. If I’d followed along from the beginning it wouldn’t have been as frustrating, but stubborn me, had to do things ‘my way’ for a bit. Well, I still do that, but since I can no crochet, my result doesn’t look like a big mess. 😉
    Opal recently posted..Crocheted Amineko with amigurumi ball animals


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