Crochet pattern testing: crocheted ladybug hat pattern

Posted by on May 17, 2012 at 9:33 pm.

Girl ladybug

A few days ago, I offered to test another crochet pattern for a Ravelry designer.

This time it’s an adorable crocheted ladybug hat. It’s a small crochet project…

Knowing how much my daughter adores ladybugs, as do I, and seeing a generous project deadline. I jumped at the chance to be a pattern tester.

The crochet designer had a nice range of crochet hat patterns to choose from; infants to adults. I chose the preteen-teen hat.

While it’s true that my eight-year old daughter does have a child sized head, she also has a lot of hair. It’s halfway down her back, and it’s also very curly and thick. I often keep her hair braided, or styled in two stranded twists. Which explains why I offered to crochet  the pre-teen/adult size hat, right? All that hair won’t fit in a child sized hat.

This won’t be my first time crocheting hats. I’ve made several already, but I didn’t follow a pattern. I just played with a variety of crochet stitches. And after practicing with my crocheted stitches, my crochet skills improved, and I was able to make my first crocheted hat for a person. I’d made several for my daughter’s Monster High dolls.

I still have that first human hat I’ve made. Occasionally I’ll look at the hat and marvel at how much my crochet has improved in a few short months. I’ve come a long way. So much so that I’ve gifted a few recipients with them; father, daughter, and, nephew. Oh, I even was able to crochet a dreadlock wrap for my locks too.

Tomorrow, after dropping my daughter off at school, I’ll stop by the local yarn store and pick up yarn in a dusty rose; works perfectly with her complexion. That will be the color of the ladybugs body. The dots will be a dark chocolate brown. I think it will look lovely.

I’m at the point where I can read the patterns without to much of an issue. The few times, I’ve run into issues, with published patterns, a simple online search cleared up the questions I had. So I figure I can do the same here, if I should run into issues.

I’ve already printed it out the crochet ladybug hat pattern, and I must say I’m impressed with how thorough this crochet designer is with explaining her pattern. I’m looking forward to crocheting this hat. It shouldn’t take too long, perhaps three hours?

I’ll be starting on it this weekend. I’ll most likely crochet this ladybug hat, while my daughter, and I are watching a movie.

Pattern testing update: I’ve completed the crochet ladybug beanie hat.


  • Hi I belong to several crochet groups such as Atmyhouse, Crochet Partners, etc. and they have members who ask for pattern testers all of the time. Crochetville will also let you ask for pattern testers and all you have to do is join the group which is free.


  • Felicia says:

    I’m getting interested in re-learning crochet again with your awesome pics here! I know I have a basic crochet book stashed somewhere in the storeroom. Oh well, I’ll have a look tonight, hopefully I find it and see if I can crochet again 🙂
    I’m sure you’d do well on your crochet hat project.
    Thank you for the inspiration!
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    Opal Reply:

    Hi @Felicia, I find crochet to be very relaxing, so it’s something I tend to do daily. If it’s not crochet, it’s another craft.

    I’m looking forward to making the hat. It should work up quickly. 🙂
    Opal recently posted..Granny squares and Coraline; Work in Progress Wednesday


    Felicia Reply:

    Hi Opal,
    Sadly I cannot find my basic crochet book that I bought when I was in my teens.. I’ll just find a website about basic crochet and see some videos about it. I’m not a fast learner on crochet or knitting, so I really must see some how-to videos. Thanks for inspiring me to take this relaxing hobby again! If I get better, I know I can do it even while watching TV or babysitting my sister’s daughter.
    Felicia recently posted..Daniel Negreanu’s Weekly Rant


  • Opal says:

    @CoCo @ coconut water, Hi Coco, I’ve used Crochetville before, I can’t remember if I joined though. However, I have seen that they do offer free pattern testing.

    Oh by the way I gave you a name. I don’t mind you using a keyword, just add a name first. So I used Coco @ coconut water. I didn’t want to mark you comment as spam, since they really aren’t. You read the post, and added additional information. Thanks!


  • Marrielle Morrow says:

    Another great Crochet patterns and I would love and interested to try this. I am sure that your daughter will surely love this ladybug hat.
    Marrielle Morrow recently posted..Timber Doors Brisbane


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