Curious green anole; lizard

Posted by on July 10, 2012 at 8:52 am.

I believe this might be a green anole. 

During our vacation, we spotted this inquisitive little sweetie.

Green anole Lizard 2

While exiting the pool center, I heard a rustling in the shrubs, I stopped and patiently waited, and was rewarded when this lizard clamored onto a bush to get a better view of the chatter. Perhaps we were disturbing its afternoon siesta?

My daughter, four-year old cousin, and my aunt were there also, and so it had a captive audience. Since I’ve read a lot about lizards, I was able to talk about some of their characteristics while I snapped shots. They were a captive audience, and the lizard seemed to bask in the attention. It even was bold enough to crawl closer to get a better view, while it cocked its head, and its eyes rotated to follow us.

Green anole Lizard 1

This lizard, posed for numerous shots, and my only regret is that I didn’t stuff one of my macro lens into my Nikon D80 bag, before we headed to poolside. We reluctantly left, with the lizard still watching us.

I’m in constant awe of the world that God created, and am continuously blessed that I’m here to enjoy it.


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