Fermentation adventure: Water kefir; Rapidly multiplying water kefir grains

Posted by on November 5, 2014 at 6:00 am.

Last week, I received another order of water kefir grains. One cup if you want to be specific…

Water Kefir Grains_2 11.4.14

Water Kefir Grains in one gallon jar

They are multiplying much faster than the initial ones that I received. These grains were purchased from another supplier, naturally I’m pleased.

Water Kefir Soda 4 11.4.14

Water Kefir Soda


As you can see, I now have a nice supply of natural soda. The above picture is water kefir apple soda and the darker bottles are Hibiscus natural soda. I can’t wait to sample the soda. We already like the Hibiscus water kefir soda, but the apple soda will be a new blend.


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