Guinea Pig: Obligatory cuteness post…

Posted by on April 18, 2012 at 1:48 pm.

This morning my daughter asked me, “Mom, did you post that photo of Angel on your website?”


A few days ago, I took this photo of our guinea pig. We both said “aww” when she flopped down on her side, and went to sleep. The poor little lady was tuckered out from all the running she was doing on my bedroom floor (and later my bed).

Guinea Pig Angel

After Ms. Daizy, the guinea pig died, I was going to get another friend for Angel. They’re social animals. However,  Ms. Angel actually is thriving by herself.

She’s more active since Daizy’s died; she has my daughter and me giggling with her crazy bursts of speed. She loves to snuggle, and will hop onto our lap, when she wants to sleep.

In the above picture, Angel is sleeping.

Question: Did you know that guinea pigs normally keep their eyes open; even during sleep?


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