Finished object Friday: Crochet; Sophie poses with guinea pig

Posted by on April 6, 2012 at 4:58 am.

Liv Girl Guinea pig Sophie 3

“Mommy, will you make Sophie an outfit? She’s naked!” That’s one of the questions my daughter asked me last evening…

Let’s ignore that the only reason she’s naked is because my daughter stripped her of all her clothes. My daughter gave me her best,  how can you resist this face look. And it worked… this time. Once the crocheted items were complete we set up a photo shoot, starring Sophie, and Angel, my daughters guinea pig. I’m happy to say Ms. Angel is doing well, even though she recently lost her guinea pig sister, Daizy.

Liv Girl Guinea pig Sophie 2

Sophie is a Liv Doll; I purchased this doll for my eight-year old daughter early last year. My daughter loves the doll, because like the Monster High dolls, these dolls have moveable joints; Sophie has 14 moveable joints. Perfect for my daughter, since she uses her jointed dolls as mannequins. She designs clothing for them, and It’s the only time she plays with dolls.

Back to Sophie’s crocheted outfit…

I used a size D crochet hook, so the stitches are small. I’m not sure of the brand/exact color name of the pink crochet thread I used. It was given to me by someone who no longer crochets or knits.

I didn’t use a pattern, just played around with different stitches. I started this crochet project (skirt, tube top, and a hat) last evening, and finished it this morning. In total, it took about two hours. Stitches used; Single, double, and triple crochet, and I added a crocheted scalloped edging. I’m not sure what the stitch is called.

Liv Girl Guinea pig Sophie 1

My daughter is thrilled with the ensemble, and now Sophie isn’t prancing around naked. Sophie and Angel made a dynamite modeling team, perhaps there will be more photo opportunities in their future?

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