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Posted by on August 3, 2012 at 6:18 am.

Yesterday, during my free time, I found myself knitting this project.

Knitting Amigurumi doll pieces

Can you tell what I’m knitting?

It might be hard to figure what I’m making… currently, it’s just a bunch of knitted pieces, but eventually this will be a knitted amigurumi doll.

I chose not to knit in the round since I wanted to add extra stitching details to this knitted dolls body, which is definitely doable knitting circular, but not as easy. Also I’ve never crocheted or knitted a flat amigurumi project… first time for everything, right?

It’s my first time knitting an amigurumi doll, and surprisingly enough I’m liking it more than the crochet amigurumis dolls I’ve made. Shocking indeed, since I didn’t think that would happen. Of course this means I’ll be making my own knitted Coraline soon. And as much as I loved crocheting Coraline, I wondered at the time how she would look knitted.

While knitting this doll, I felt like Victor Frankenstein, prepping my little beastie that I’ll eventually bring to life, and of course I became inspired to knit another doll, that one will be undead.

As a child my mother couldn’t understand my fascination with the darker subjects such as the occult, horror, etc., and banned me from reading such material. I still managed to read those books. It’s one of the few times I secretly defied her. That fascination has continued to this day, but these days I write stories, or put my ideas into sewing. It’ll be nice to expand that to crochet and knitting.

Knitting amigurim doll

Putting the knitted amigurumi parts together

And while this knitted doll is only body parts, I’m loving her! I’m not sure you can see her little lumps on her upper torso; those will be her boobs. The knitted increases were put in the right place, so the only thing left is to give them a bit of a “lift”.¬† Also, I’ll be adding a navel. Guess what? When you flip her over, there will be an actual butt, not just some shapeless thing. But that’s as far as I’m going with being¬†anatomically correct. I wanted this knitted doll to be similar to my daughters Monster High dolls.

Of course, I’m using my Knit Picks Options circular needles for this project. Circular needles aren’t only for knitting things in the round (socks, hats, etc.)

Because this doll is knitted flat, there will be a lot of seaming. Since I love sewing (especially hand-sewing) I don’t avoid implementing it into my crafts. You know, I was content to start seaming when all the parts were knitted (I still need to knit the feet) I have an impatient nine-year old daughter who wanted to see at least one seamed body part.

Knitting making a dollhand

Seaming a knitted hand…

And so, last evening before she went to bed, I seamed a hand.

You know… I should have been working on a crocheted doll for my daughter’s best friends birthday party (which is tomorrow) and I promise I’ll do that… today. But yesterday the knitted doll idea I had spinning in my head, was begging me to make her, and so I listened.

Gothic Knits by Fiona McDonald

Where can I find the knitted doll pattern?

My inspiration for the doll came from Fiona McDonald. This particular pattern is from her book, Gothic Knits, as with patterns I follow, I deviated from the pattern; sometimes a little, often a lot. I’ve been a follower of Fiona’s artwork for quite some time.¬† I was intrigued that with many of the dolls made by her weren’t knit in the round.

With my next knitted amigurumi, I’ll knit in the round, and include a lot of details that I’ll be adding to this doll. Knitting this doll has brought back many fond memories of the numerous dolls I sewed from the age of seven on into my teens. I never played with them, but I sure loved bringing them to “life”.

One of the songs playing through my mind, while knitting this doll… I love Rob Zombie’s music.


  • Curls and Q says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished doll? How clever! Will this be for display or for your daughter to play with?

    We did enjoy looking at your crochet Coraline doll. We’ve sewn dolls, doll clothes and knitted doll clothes, but never have knitted or crochet dolls. Maybe we need to do that next?
    Curls and Q recently posted..My Dyed Harvest Yarn Shawlette


    Opal Reply:

    @Curls and Q, Initially I was going to make this one for myself. It’ a large doll, so it’s a nice size to make test samples of designs I knit or crochet. However, my my daughter asked for the doll, so the first one will be for her. But, the next I’ll make for myself.

    My daughter is definitely fiber worthy, she takes care of all the items I’ve made for her. Her clothes, she has into a special section of her closet/drawer. The doll clothing go into a special trunk that she made.

    You should definitely try crocheting or knitting dolls. I made my first crocheted amigurumi last year. I loved them so much, that I haven’t stopped making them.
    Opal recently posted..Knitting: Diamonds and Pearls shawl; work in progress


  • I was just looking at the pictures you put up of the almost complete version. You have certainly come a long way from here. I like how you show the progress of it. You’re doing a great job!


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