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My daughter attends a Lutheran school…

The children are required to wear uniforms, which is fine by me since it means I don’t have to spend more money for school clothes. Private schools can be pricey. Throughout the year, the school has “casual days” it’s a chance for students to wear “regular clothes” at school. It’s quite popular and most students take advantage of these days even when they have to pay ($2.00) on some of the casual clothes.

Contrary to some peoples beliefs not all private schools (or those who attend them) are “rolling in money.” Various fund raisers are given throughout  to assist with teachers salaries and the general maintenance, equipment and upkeep that goes on at a typical school


Sewing: daughter's jacket

Sewing: daughter’s jacket


Tomorrow is casual day at my daughter’s school and since I’ve finished sewing her jacket yesterday she asked could she wear it tomorrow. I’m not thrilled about this fabric, but my daughter likes it… As you can see she’s already chosen the outfit she’ll wear it with tomorrow and I think she did a nice job matching up the dots and pinstripes. If you look closely, you can see the leggings peeking through the top of her dress.

Sewing, back of jacket

Sewing, back of jacket


I still need to press the jacket and use a smaller hanger next time I take a picture. You see how the hanger has pulled up one side of the jacket? These pictures were taken immediately after it was washed yesterday so it had some wrinkles, but once it’s pressed I’ll hang it on a much smaller hanger and give it to my daughter.


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