Loom weaving

Posted by on December 7, 2013 at 7:42 am.

The past several months I’ve been thinking about the next craft I’d like to learn. I thought it would obviously be spinning. After all, I do crochet and knit. I knit more than I crochet.  However the stronger pull for me is loom weaving. I’ve been researching looms and I do believe I’ve found one that I’d like to purchase. The loom size will be at least 32″ and I will most likely will purchase it soon, who knows it might be an item that I gift for myself this Christmas.

While viewing videos about modern looms, I stumbled upon this gem. It’s a vintage loom. I imagine this is similar to what Laura Ingalls Wilder’s husband (Almanzo Wilder) mother used in her farm home.

I also stumbled upon this video about intricate loom weaving, truly fascinating!


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  • […] I’ve always been fascinated with loom weaving. I did simple pot holder projects as a child. As an adult, I occasionally use a small loom for my beaded jewelry. I guess in that sense, the awe comes from the fact that I’m crocheting or knitting. I’m turning strands of yarn/thread into cloth. I get that same feeling when I crochet or knit. No… I’m not going to abandon my Hiya Hiya knitting needles forever, but I most likely will put them on hold for a bit until I get comfortable with loom weaving. I did the same when I was learning crochet. Knitting was sidelined, for a few months, until I got comfortable with crochet. […]

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