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Fun with knitting

The past week or so, I’ve been knitting a scarf for the BF. I made him a matching hat, which I gifted to him on his birthday. He loves that hat!

Knitted Scarf and Bella.11.18.15

Bella supervising the scarf knitting.

I’m at the halfway point and probably have already worked on this for about thirty hours. As you can see, I have a helper. Bella, decided to supervise. Perhaps she was checking to see if I had dropped stitches?

Knitworthy: Knitting a fall hat for my daughter

Not too long ago, I started knitting the hat that you see below for my daughter.

Malabrigo yarn - Knit Hat

Malabrigo yarn – Knit Hat

She wanted a knitted hat for the fall and she also seems to have misplaced her favorite owl knit hat that I’d made.


Recycled photo – Knitted owl cable ribbed beanie hat

I consoled her and told her it would be no problem knitting her a hat.

This hat was made quite easily. In fact, I started on it the weekend we went to my BF’s parents house. I used a moss stitch for the brim of the hat, and the remaining stitches are good ole stockinette stitch. It’s simple mindless knitting that I don’t have to pay attention to at all. Which is perfect for when I want to pay attention to other things.

Guess what? I completed most of this hat while watching my BF in his Taekwondo class. I’m unsure if I’ll be able to finish this hat before Friday. I hope I do; however, if that’s not the case I’ll be sure to finish knitting it on Friday. My daughter will be joining me to watch the BF in his Taekwondo class.

More knitted washcloths; more rave reviews…

Last week, I finally got around to gifting the BF with six more of the knitted washcloths that I had made. At the time, I had asked him to take pictures of the of the knitted washcloths and yesterday he remembered, took the pictures and sent them to me.

Knitted Washcloths 1 ICL_6_15

I love knitting washcloths. It’s a portable project that can follow me almost anywhere.


I don’t know if you can tell, but in the above picture he tried to arrange the knitted washcloths in a heart formation. Wasn’t that sweet?¬† The accompanying text, that he sent with the pictures said… “to my heart of hearts.” Granted, at the time, I did not make the connection, until he asked did I see he’d arranged the washcloths into a heart formation? After he pointed that out… I saw it (sort of) and thought it was super sweet.

Knitted Washcloths 2 ICL_6_15

Hand knit washcloths. They are super absorbent!


This morning, he finally tried out one of the above knitted washcloths. I’d been asking him since I gifted them to him to try them. He’s been using the knitted washcloths that he already has; however, since this is a different brand of cotton (and a bit softer than the first brand) I wanted to see if it was just as absorbent and if it produced the same amount of lather.

The results? On his way to work, he called me and told me that these washcloths are awesome too! Score! I have a few more washcloths to make before his set is complete and then… I’m calling it “done” for him.

I’m still trying to think of what to do for his parents. We really enjoyed visiting them. I’m unsure if I should make them knitted washcloths, or something else? We’ll see…

Knitting adventures: Another dreadlock tube

It’s obvious that I love knitting dreadlock tubes. This is the fifth one that I’m making for myself.

In fact, I used this yarn to knit my first dreadlock tube; however, the pattern used was a simple stockinette stitch. Also, this tube will be much longer.I’m hoping to finish knitting this sometime this week.

Dreadlock tube Malabrigo 8.27.14

Kitting Dreadlock tube using Malabrigo yarn

I’m using some of the super squishy Malabrigo yarn that I’ve come to adore. Because of the variegated colors, doing an intricate pattern is pretty much lost; however, that didn’t stop me from doing a simple rib stitch. That’s not too fancy.

The next dreadlock tube I’ll knit will be dusky rose, then a lime green and perhaps I’ll knit one in winter white. After that… who knows?

Too much hair: Dreadlock tubes

I’m currently knitting my third dreadlock tube that I can use for my super long dreadlocks. My hair is almost to my butt, that can put a lot of stress on my hair root. Since I don’t want to cut my locs, I decided to wear them in styles that help alleviate the stress. Occasionally I wear my locs down, but these days, I find myself pulling it up a lot more.
Dreadlock tube
I like knitting dreadlock tubes. I find them to be stylish, stretchy and allow my hair to breathe.

The current tube I’m knitting is actually going to take¬† me a bit longer than I’d originally planned. I’ve decided to make it super long, sort of like the dreadlock tube you see in the above picture. I’m hoping to the current dreadlock tube this weekend. After work, we’re going to the pool. While she’s swimming, I’ll sit poolside, and knit.

Photosource: Stripey Dreadlock Tube Hat

Knitting: Super Stretchy Bind-off

Not too long ago, I stumbled upon this knitting bind-off. I love that it is so stretchy. I plan to use this a lot.

Of course, this knitting bind-off is perfect for my dreadlock tubes. I’m currently knitting my third one. It’s nice to knit something for myself now and again. I’m usually knitting for someone else.

Another Dreadlock Tube…

I didn’t get to weave anything this weekend, but I did work on another dreadlock tube! It’s not as colorful as the first dreadlock tube that I made but that’s perfectly fine since this will go perfectly with some of my muted clothing.

Knitted Dreadlock Tube 08.04.14

About a month ago, I started on this simple moss stitch dreadlock tube. It’s been busy so there have been many days where I did not lift my Hiya Hiya needles to do a single stitch; however, this past weekend I decided it was high time that I completed the tube. In fact, I was knitting this poolside, while my daughter was swimming on Saturday.

I most likely will wear it to work today. Later, I’ll post a picture of the outfit that I’ll be wearing.