One happy girl; knitted amigurumi voodoo doll – complete

Yesterday, after work, I finally attached the limbs to the voodoo doll that I was knitting for my daughter.  It’s about time, right? This project has been sitting around waiting to be assembled for about a week! The free time I had, my daughter was always around. Naturally I didn’t want to complete the almost finished project in front of her since she’d guess that it would be hers. I can’t slip anything past her! 😉




I chose a button eye, sewed the other eye and made a “stitched mouth” with some of my lovely Malabrigo yarn. I knit this doll on my size 3 Hiya Hiya steel sharp needles. I used worsted weight wool yarn. I originally wrote about the amigurumi knitted doll a little over a week ago.

In my earlier posts, I mentioned that I was knitting this amigurumi doll in front of her, but as it started to take shape I had to finish knitting the project when she wasn’t around. The results? My daughter was thrilled when she saw the knitted doll and promptly called her “Izzy”.  She’s already talking about making clothes for this doll, so it looks like we’ll be sewing clothing for her this weekend.

Knitted Voodoo doll; Susan Claudino design
Knitted Voodoo doll; Susan Claudino design


Where to find the knitted voodoo doll

I discovered the pattern when I was searching on Ravelry for a  quick knitted amigurumi doll that I could make in time for my daughter’s tenth birthday. I browsed many knitted amigurumi, but I kept coming back to this one since it was my favorite because it is so freaking cute! I was sold when I saw that it was knit in the round. That’s my favorite way to make amigurumi projects.  I promptly purchased the pattern ($5.00) and casted on. The pattern is called Voodoo you love Me. See… even the name is adorable! It’s designed by Susan Claudino. Susan, thanks so much for creating this awesome pattern. I thought this pattern was easy. If you know how to K, Kfb, k2tog, you too can make this knitted doll. I’m looking forward to knitting more items from this talented designer.


In other news…

Yesterday, my right angle clamps arrived so I assembled my Warre beehive! I’ll write more about that including pictures in a later post.


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They’re all so cute! Nice, very nice. Not surprised at all that your girl was so happy to get them for her birthday.
suituapui recently posted..Many ways…


Wow, what a great doll. Thank you for give link for the pattern. Can I ask your help where is the best place to learn knitting? Thank you for your great post.


This is so cute! Let me know when you start selling them!!!!!
Jennifer recently posted..Scenic Shots, Community Fun, Chihuahua Butts, Cardboard Characters, and Funky Vegan Food


I totally know what you mean! My hubby’s aunt says the same thing! My Aunt always gifted everything as well! One of the many things I remember of her! (RIP)
Jennifer recently posted..Scenic Shots, Community Fun, Chihuahua Butts, Cardboard Characters, and Funky Vegan Food

curls and q

Q – LOL! What a crazy, cute doll.
curls and q recently posted..FO Friday: Burp Cloths

Stella@Green Tea

Haha this voodoo doll looks superb. Izzy sounds like a great name for her. 🙂
Stella@Green Tea recently posted..Great Electronic Cigarette Kit with Charging E Pack – Best Price Rich Kit from AirSmoke with 20% Discount

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