Morning adventures; photography and breakfast

Posted by on March 9, 2012 at 7:30 am.

Sunrise 03 09 12

I’m an early riser (usually awake by 3:30) because of this, I’m able to see some beautiful sunrises, this is what I saw this morning, and so I wasn’t disappointed. While my daughter slept, we took some time and watched as the world became lighter. I took plenty of photos, but am only sharing two.

Mr. Bentley (our Shih Tzu) is usually my companion on my brief adventures. I have to take him out to do his early morning constitutional. Afterwards, he usually pads along beside me, tongue lolling out of his mouth…

Stella dora lily

This is one of our stella dora lillies. As much as I want to hold on to winter a bit longer (and get that snow that never made an appearance) it looks like Spring is just around the corner. Our garden has been prepped; soil raked, stakes pulled, and ground tilled in preparation for the planting season.

Breakfast stir fry

Breakfast was made, and was eaten by my daughter a few moments ago. She said it was great. The meal was simples… pink beans and stir fry vegetables; cauliflower, potato, carrots, garlic, herbs, and other seasonings. Simple, nutritious, and delicious.


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