Sent home from school; juicing to the rescue

Posted by on March 21, 2014 at 9:20 am.

Earlier this week, while I was at work, I received a call from the school nurse that my daughter wasn’t feeling well. She was coughing continuously, complaining of a sore throat, and she told me the inside of her throat appeared red and swollen. That’s not good! Since I was right in the middle of an important project I called my father and asked if he could retrieve her from school. He did. I instructed her to get plenty of rest and told her that I’d help her fight off the symptoms after work.

Later that day, when we were both home, I made her something similar to the sunshine juice that I prepared about a week ago. I did switch things up a bit. For example,  I only used five apples instead of ten. Also, I added three medium sized grapefruit for this juice blend. All the produce used are excellent in combating a variety of ailments, including things such as the common cold or sore throat.

Since I’ve been voraciously studying nutrition and the amazing ways that we can heal ourselves naturally, I didn’t have to track down what would help my daughter fight off her sore throat and coughing. Later that day I made a vegetable soup for her in my pressure cooker and only had her drink the nourishing broth. She consumed only liquids on that day. Why? Her body needed a break to heal.  Our bodies don’t have to work as hard to put the nutrients to good use since the food is liquid.  Nutrients from juicing reach our bloodstream in about thirty minutes.

A few hours before bedtime, I added a drop of oil of oregano into 16 oz. of water and had her drink that. Oil of oregano is a powerful anti-oxidant. It’s anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, linked to cancer prevention, and is helpful against a variety of ailments including the common cold. I’ve tried a few brands of oil of oregano, the one that I now use is shipped all the way from Greece. It’s the most potent one I’ve used thus far.

How’s my daughter feeling?

The next morning my daughters sore throat had vanished and she wasn’t coughing.


  1. Medical News Today:  What are the Health Benefits of Oil of Oregano?



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