Summer Weaving

Posted by on July 30, 2014 at 9:43 am.

Whoo boy! This summer is flying by.

I’m deep into cleansing and battling some unpleasant side effects, however the silver lining is I know I’ve hit breakthrough with the candida and that makes me feel good. Since I’m forcing myself to behave and REST this coming weekend I’ve decided that I’ll spend some of my time weaving!

I love this hand woven design and the music is beautiful!

Beatrice Pichi Anil

The lovely music is Cancin Sagrada De La Laguna and it’s sung by Beatric Pichi. It’s my first time hearing of her and I must say that I’m enjoying this song and others immensely.

Today, after my daughter’s swim class, I’ll set up my loom and this coming weekend, it’s on! I’ll be a weaving fool. You know something I was knitting last evening.


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