What’s in a name?

Posted by on December 19, 2017 at 6:44 pm.

I’m still trying to narrow down a name for my new business. A few months ago, ok several months ago, I was going in a completely different direction than where I am now.


Yesterday, I received this book, in the mail. It’s a newly released book and is written by Benjamin D. Aaron., I follow him and his wife on Facebook. Obviously, they have skin care business and more importantly, they do a lot of outreach in third world countries. So they’re more than talk, they put their thoughts (for helping others) into action.


I believe that this evening, I’ll finally have a chance to start reading the book and while I typically start from the beginning and move to the end, I do believe I’ll jump around a bit. This isn’t a book about the soap making process, this is a book that tells you how to make wise business decisions. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot when I actively had a skin care business and even afterwards, but I’m always willing to learn more. I’ll be sure to write a review (most likely on Amazon) when I’m finished reading the book. Of course, I’ll write about it here, but I’ll be writing most of it on my soapmaking website. I’m hesitant to post the website here, since all signs point to the URL changing, so perhaps I’ll just wait until I narrow down the websites final name?



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