Painting, vegan Indian food, dog treats and cold processed beer soap

Although we don’t really get into celebrating Christmas in our house, I must say we do enjoy spending quality time together. Yesterday was no different. My daughter and I enjoyed our time together.

She gave me a lovely picture that she’d created, which she’d titled, “Talking to the Moon,” and she spent most of the day hanging around me sketching and assisting with our luncheon meal.

She’d requested “some type of Indian dish,” and I made her… three! I haven’t made chapati (Indian flatbread) in a long time, and that’s the third dish I prepared. She loved everything and it was nice having her assist me with cooking. She normally does. To drink, we had hibiscus tea made from some of my hibiscus petals (which I purchase in bulk.)

Additionally, I made more homemade dog treats.

It’s the only type of treats that our two dogs eat and guess what, there are no fillers so each treat each chock full of muscle meat, bone, fish, greens and flax seeds. Our dogs love them and those I’ve given them to have told me that their dogs like them too.

I also made beer cold processed soap. The above is a picture of the soap after I poured it into its soap mold. Why beer? Adding beer to the ingredients supposedly produces a rich lather, and while I already achieve that from the various ingredients I use in the soap that I make, I’m always willing to experiment with “new to me” ingredients.


I’m hoping everyone is enjoying their day. I have one inspection scheduled for today and then it’s another day of creating. Today, my daughter wants to make an outfit for Bella. Uh oh! 😉

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Jennifer Bliss

That painting is BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE it! Nice work! Interesting about the beer but not surprising, I suppose! It makes sense! Look great – can’t wait to see your other soaps using beer (and other things). The Indian Foods look and sound awesome, too! I’m not sure if you saw the post I did a while ago on the 2 that I did and DH enjoyed them, too!
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Jennifer Bliss