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iPad4I’ve been dreaming about the iPad since E-readers came on the scene. In fact, I blogged about them at a few technology sites where I wrote, and I along with other Mac fans speculated on when they’d finally appear.

Naturally when they were released I was thrilled! But I didn’t instantly log onto the Apple store and purchase one (Even though I had the funds to do so)… I waited. I originally wrote about purchasing an iPad  in 2010! Obviously money doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket, and it’s obvious I can sit on my wants for a loooooooooooooooong time. I’m zen-like with my patience. But now it’s time to think about purchasing an iPad and while I could purchase it now, I’ll hold off a few months longer. I’m starting to set aside money for this purchase and within a few months I’ll have one for myself.

I’m an avid book reader, but I’m running out of shelf space. I do know that one way I could reduce the amount of books I have is to simply transition to digital format for future books. Admittedly I’ve been fighting this, because I do love holding an actual book… but over the past few months I’ve been slowly getting accustomed to digital format by reading books on my desktop, laptop, and occasionally viewing things on the iPod that I purchased for my daughter at Christmas.

I’m still undecided as to which iPad I want, there’s a few generations available. I do know I want the maximum storage, and if it’s available I’ll definitely snap up a refurbished iPad to drop the price a bit. What I’ve always loved about Apple products is that you can get the same awesome warranty (Apple Care) on their refurbished products. I’m definitely not new to Apple products, I’ve been impressed with them since I purchased my MacBook Pro in 2006, since that time I’ve added other Apple products to our household. Apple makes great quality products and their warranty is awesome.

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Good for you! You will LOVE it! Hubby had one and upgraded and I got his old one. I will be using it A LOT over the next week as I will be on the road/out of town!

The Apps are endless!

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BTW…dropping you an email soon 🙂
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curls and q

Q – If I can recommend….. purchase one with the most GB storage you can. I didn’t and have downloaded the Vogue issues, Creative Knitting issues, and other knitting patterns. Trying to download the latest Vogue I was told I don’t have enough room. 8-( I took off Creative Knitting since I do have them in printed form. I downloaded the Good Reader app. This lets me open up the PDF knitting patterns and mark them up the way I want. I also check out knitting ebooks from the library. This is the BEST knitting tool.

Technically, the iPad is my hubs, I purchased it for him when he was in the hospital after his horrid accident June 2011. Both hands were in casts and all he could use was his thumbs! When my “ship comes in” I’ll purchase one with more GB for myself. BTW – we have an iPad 1, does everything we need.
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I can definitely recommend the newest iPad, because of the much improved display. It’s even better quality than my computer screen! Just smaller.
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Apple really knows how to impressed their customer. Good choice.

Beth Ellen Nagle

I was torn about going digital too but often the prices are lower. I also like that you can copy paste from a desktop Amazon reader to a note pad when I am doing studies and need to keep track of references. I have a Kindle Fire as well as an older Kindle reader. I enjoy reading digital but I also still buy books.
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