A successful week; Back to school, new site, & freelance writing info


Back to school is in full swing, and my daughter was one of many school aged children that were whisked off to school. Initially, she was nervous about it, not having seen many of her classmates since last school year. However, she wasn’t as nervous as last year. She’d seen a few of her classmates in Soccer camp this summer, she visibly relaxed when she saw the many familiar faces in school on Monday.

Since my daughter is away, I’m able to get a lot more accomplished, which is truly a blessing. It can be challenging to juggle your business and an extremely active seven-year old that simply doesn’t understand that mom needs to work, in order to make money. The majority of my work was completed while she was sleeping.

Thanks to the extra time on my hands, I was finally able to crank out a new site that’s focused on natural health. It’s something that’s been nagging me to be released, but I simply didn’t have the time. Unlike Celebrate Life, a site where I can write miles of text without a break in my typing speed, the articles on that site are very short. I’m offering bite sized bits of information to those who happen to land on the page. It’s a great practice, doing something I normally don’t do.


Freelance Writing

Recently, I’ve been thinking about picking up a few more freelance writing assignments, for the most part I’ve been away from it for a little over two years, however, as odd as it may seem. During my break, I did write on a few gaming websites under a pseudonym. I love video games; I used gamer tags. I learned quickly that although I enjoy playing games, and writing about them on my personal gaming blogs. I didn’t like writing for others.

But back to the freelance writing…

I actually miss writing for other people/sites about health, nutrition, technology, and so I’m slowly getting my feet wet again. However, I do it on my own terms. During my quest, to interact with some new freelance writers, I stumbled across Felicia Williams website.

Felicia’s virtual corner is filled with wealth of information for the new or seasoned freelance writer. I’d encourage anyone who’s interested in making some extra money to stop on by her home. Be prepared to stay for a while, Felicia’s site has a lot of informative articles focused on freelance writing.

Don’t forget to pick up her free eBook, titled So You Want to Be A Freelance Writer. This ebook is truly free, so you won’t have to sign up for her email list before you’re allowed to get the book. Click, on the link, download, read and enjoy! You can keep up with Felicia Williams by subscribing to her RSS feed. I was able to read through the ebook in a few hours, and I know I’ll be recommending this ebook to those who’re interested in freelance writing.

If this book had been around when I started freelance writing, it would have saved me numerous hours of searching for information. Not to mention my bookshelves would have been several pounds lighter too. However even with lighter bookshelves, I know I’d still want I still to want to purchase an Apple iPad.



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