Adventures in Beekeeping: Trying on the Bee Suit

This past Friday I ordered my Beekeeping suit. It arrived today!

Hmm… this beekeeping suit is extremely roomy!


I did a lot of research before settling upon the above bee suit. The majority of the advice given supported purchasing a larger sized suit. The reason people gave for ordering a larger size was that there would be more material between the suit and your skin so if a honeybee was to sting the suit your chances of being stung would be decreased. That made sense (to me) so instead of purchasing the size small, like I’d originally planned, I ordered a large beekeeping outfit. If you look closely, you’ll notice that I wear toe rings; four total – two on each foot. I’ve been wearing them for about twelve years. They rarely come off my toes.

Master Bee Suit
My daughter is as bad as my father, taking pictures of me when my eyes are half closed!


The beekeeping suit is roomy! I guess it would be since it’s a large and I’m a size small. I’m not complaining since this means that I have plenty of room to wear regular clothes underneath. Which means I have extra padding in case a few honeybees try to test out their stingers. I told my daughter I felt like an astronaut wearing this ensemble. She rambled on about this being more proof the Black beekeepers exist. I corrected her and told her I’m a “soon to be beekeeper.” Of course they exist I’ve ran into a few online and who really cares what color the person is? I know I don’t… But she says she hasn’t seen any pictures of them here in the USA so she was thrilled to take my picture; silly girl!

curls and q says
May 5, 2013 at 12:20 pm (Edit)

Q – Aw, where’s the pic of you in the beekeeper outfit?
curls and q recently posted..Good Advice, Thomas Edison

See Q, I did have pictures taken of me in my beekeeping outfit. I told you I would. You’ll be seeing entirely too many pictures of me throughout my beekeeping adventures. 😉

Edited to add…

I purchased my beekeeping outfit from the Brushy Mountain Beekeeping farm. I selected the Master Beekeeping outfit. The Dome Hood with Half zipper was ordered separately from their site, but it zips perfectly onto my beekeeping outfit.

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I LOVE that you shared these pictures! AND that you’re providing a home for honeybees. I anticipate your garden to be even more lovely this year as a result… 🙂
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LOL!!! You can audition for Star Wars in that suit. I hear they’re going to produce one Star Wars movie a year in the days to come.
suituapui recently posted..Hungry like the wolf…


YAY!!!! A beekeeper outfit pic!!! Thanks for posting this! You look GREAT! How tall are you? Just curious!? I’m only 5’2″.
Jennifer recently posted..Several Recipes & Foods From The Weekend!