Adventures in Cleansing; Staying healthy… naturally

whole psyllium husk
whole psyllium husk

Taking herbs, clay, enemas, vinegar and many other natural remedies have seem to always been part of my life.

My mother used many within our household. It’s a bit interesting, since now she rarely uses any of them.  Whereas I, on the other hand, have picked up where she left off. Because of me,  my father has become interested in natural alternatives again. He’s familiar with them much before he married my mom.  His mom (my grandmother) used them religiously in their household.

My grandmother was a short Black/Irish/Indian lady, even tinier than me. I’m guessing she was perhaps 4’10” since I could look down on her from my lofty height of 5″.

Over the years, I’ve chatted with  one of my favorite blog buddies (Jennifer) about this topic and others via email and occasionally blog postings. Today, I told her I’d start  writing about my cleansing experiences and in some cases my skepticism about certain treatments here at Celebrate Life.

wonder-comics-1947 - Repulsive

Since a few topics/results might be repulsive to some (I find it fascinating) I’ll be sure to hide that part of the posts behind a more tag.

For the past several years, I’ve taken numerous courses in alternative therapy. Natural healing, like aromatherapy has always fascinated me. Anything I’m interested in I’ll research thoroughly.

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I’m glad things are going well! I, too, believe in the power of plants and herbs! I’m always interested in learning more!
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