Creating the Blind hem on your sewing machine

This past Saturday, Before my daughter and I headed out for our “playdate” I did a bit of machine sewing…


About a week ago, I asked my father did he need anything altered. Naturally,  he jumped at that opportunity and gave me some pants that needed to have the  legs shortened.

My father has a good hookup anything related to clothing or computers he knows he can usually hand things over to me and it’ll be fixed. When it comes to anything electrical (wiring, televisions, gadgets) he can fix almost anything I give to him also.

I know I’ve mentioned that I’m not too fond of alterations. Also, I have  a short list of people that I will I’ll do them for. The rest, get the sorry… I only do alterations for a few people. Good thing he’s on the favored list, right? It’s not that I don’t know how to alter items, I do. In fact, in my early I did altering for a friends boutique. It was  great experience. That along with participating in local fashion shows, improved my sewing skills.

My father’s request was minor. He only needed to have the pant legs shortened. That’s simple. I done that stitch by hand numerous times in my 30+ years of sewing. I like the blind hem stitch and use it often with pants leg alterations.



But… if I’m pressed for time or simply don’t want to do alterations by hand, it is nice to have a machine that will do that task.

Blind hem foot
Blind hem foot

Thanks to the blind hem foot included with my Brother PC-420, I was able to alter my father’s pants without any problems. If you don’t know how to do the blind hem stitch with a sewing machine, check out the above video. I thought the lady did an excellent job describing how it’s accomplished.

I still do the blind hem stitch by hand. I find hand sewing relaxing, and sometimes it’s nice to work on a small project when I’m curled up in a chair chatting with my daughter.


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