Fermenting Adventures: Kimchi, strong enough to clear your sinuses…

Fermented Kimshi 8 days.8.26.14
Fermented Kimchi – 8 days later

Today, I opened my batch of kimchi. I only let it ferment for eight days, but with the warm weather we’ve been having, I thought it would be a good idea to check things out. Also, I really wanted to eat some homemade fermented food. Additionally, fermented foods have so many health benefits!

Upon opening my stoneware fermenting crock, I could tell that the flavors had started to “play nice” and I smelled the pungent, hot, tangy and spicy aroma that I’ve come to associate with kimchi.ย  This wasn’t a large batch since I was basically testing to see how it turned out. No sense, wasting a lot of produce if it was a failure right? I must say, that I’m pleasantly surprised with the results and with a few minor tweaks, I’ll be sure to make this again soon.

How did it taste? I really liked it a lot, but the crunch (that I enjoy) was missing. I know that has a lot to do with me adding brine to the blend, next time, I’ll let the fermentation process produce its own juices. However, I am very happy with my kimchi and boy does it pack a hot and spicy kick. So much so that it is sinus clearing.

In a few weeks, I’ll be making some more kimchi… I’ve learned from this batch and will apply what I learn to the upcoming batch of kimchi. I’ll also be sharing that batch with a few of my friends. They’re big on spicy fermented foods and most importantly, they love kimchi! I can’t wait to see what they think of my kimchi blend!

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Looks good! I don’t know kimchi but is it supposed to be crunchy? Vegetables go soft when cooked so perhaps, it will be the same when soaked and fermented. Spicy, eh? They say that helps to clear blocked noses.
suituapui recently posted..Off dayโ€ฆ


At first I thought I was looking at one of my creations because I reuse pickle jars,too! LOL That jar looks VERY familiar! I’m so happy you are on to this adventure now – I’m learning a lot – I always learn a lot from you! Thanks, girl!
Jennifer recently posted..No! My Dear Paco!


I might have to look into it in the near future ๐Ÿ™‚
Jennifer recently posted..Furkids/Family Medical Updates & Timeline


He’s not as open to alternative foods or remedies, unfortunately…but…I do know he likes Sauerkraut ๐Ÿ™‚
Jennifer recently posted..Furkids/Family Medical Updates & Timeline


Indeed! I think everyone comes to that specific point to make them want to try other things…it’s just getting to that point that is difficult, usually!
Jennifer recently posted..Furkids/Family Medical Updates & Timeline


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