Hiya Hiya Sharps – Knitting two mittens at a time…

When I’ve had some down time, my Hiya Hiya 5″ Sharps Steel (small) Interchangeable set has been getting a serious workout.

Yesterday I casted on two mittens at a time..

Knitting two mittens at a time with my Hiya Hiya Steel Sharps.
Knitting two mittens at a time with my Hiya Hiya Steel Sharps.


I’m using my US size 3/3.25mm circular needles and Knit Picks Canary Swish – Dk weight superwash merino wool.

Knitting two at time, is one of the numerous benefits of using interchangeable needles. You can  make a variety of items two at a time such as; socks, mittens and some adventurous knitters even tackle knitting two sleeves at a time. Of course you have to have a circular cable that’s long  enough to accommodate your work.

Knitting - two at a time mittens_1


I enjoy the process of knitting two things at a time, and last evening I had the perfect opportunity to knit while chatting with my daughter. The time flew by while we chatted about a variety of topics. Today, while looking at these mittens in progress, I’ve decided that I don’t like them too much. Although I love this color, I’ve decided that I don’t want it for these mittens, and I’ve also decided that I want use a fancier stitch.. So, say goodbye to these mittens since they’re about to be frogged (stitches ripped out.) I don’t mind frogging my work.

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have settled on an appropriate color. Because I’m making two at a times mittens, I don’t have to write down my design on paper, I’m doing a pair of mittens at a time, remember? So the ideas I have for the one mitten will immediately be transferred to the other. How awesome is that?

I’m sure some of you are tired of hearing me gush about my Hiya Hiya Sharps, but here is another place where Hiya Hiyas longer taper is extremely helpful. Because the longer taper on my Hiya Hiya Sharps (in comparison with my Knit Picks Options – nickel plate) picking up M1 (make 1)  stitch was a breeze. Sometimes the M1 stitch can get a bit tricky depending on the yarn and sometimes it can get a bit tighter on subsequent rows. I didn’t have an issue with my Hiya Hiyas. In the same scenario, I would have struggled a bit with my Knit Picks Options.


For those knitters who want to learn how to knit two things at a time, check out Liat’s video… although it’s for mittens it will give you the general idea of how the ‘magic’ happens. Watch and be impressed by its simplicity.

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curls and q

Q – I REALLY trying to remain strong and do with what I have. You make it so hard. See today’s blog for what you “made me buy”. LOL! I really, really want these needles!

And, what a bummer frogging the mittens. I really hate it when that happens. I did it with the very first sock pattern I was knitting. Super yuck!
curls and q recently posted..Newest Yarn Toy


That is quite cool actually, that you can knit two items at the same time!!
Susanne recently posted..Another social media rant


Neat shade of Yellow!
Jennifer recently posted..Polenta Marinara with French Fried Onions


Projects have minds of their own! I have learned to listen to them, lately, too! BUT…I would love to see what did come of this and this color of yarn!
Jennifer recently posted..Bubbly Break


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