It’s Amazon PrimeDay!

It’s Amazon PrimeDay!  Amazon has been promoting this day for several months. There are a limited amount of products available for the items that are reduced and you have to make the purchase in a few short hours, so in some cases you have to act quickly, otherwise the items will be sold out.

Today, I’ve seen many Facebook groups, sharing what they purchased. Of course, others responded within the comment section to show what they’d purchased. Some people were undecided, since they ‘wanted’ the items but were unsure if they’d make the purchase since it wasn’t in their budget. Did I purchase anything? Yes, but I’d budgeted for those purchases in advance, so I was fine. I had planned on buying one item this past weekend, but then I remembered that today was PrimeDay and so I held off until now to see if I could receive a better deal. I didn’t for that item, but I did for the other.

The cleaning sprays that I purchased for my Toyota Prius weren’t reduced more, but…

the sketch pencils that my daughter needed for an upcoming class were!  An additional $7 was knocked off the price.

How much did I spend on Amazon PrimeDay? $26.34. It was budgeted and I came out ahead. You want to know something?  It’s the first time I’ve ever purchased anything at Amazon on  PrimeDay. I’ve been an Amazon Prime member since the service was offered. Were there items that I wanted to buy yesterday, but didn’t? Of course, but those items were ‘wants’ and although I COULD have made the purchase without going over my budget, I chose not to do so. I figured those items that caught my interest would be good deals for someone else.

Towards the end of this week, I’ll be cleaning the Mass Air Flow sensor in my Toyota Prius instead of taking it into the auto mechanic to take take care of this for me. This past weekend, I drained/refilled the oil in my Toyota Prius. Another way to save money for car maintenance since the work was done by myself. I typically do most of my own car maintenance, some jobs I save a few dollars and others I can easily save over $100. 😉 To ensure that I have my 2003 Toyota Prius for a long time, I stay on top of doing the maintenance when it’s recommended. Often times, I do it at least a thousand miles before the suggested maintenance.

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Jennifer Bliss

I’ve always raised my eye brows at how expensive canned air is! LOL – I love seeing the deals you find!
Jennifer Bliss recently posted..Positive Activism