Just the two of us…

Just Mom and Me having teaMy daughter and I are really looking forward to the next few days since we’ve planned a lot of fun 1:1 activities together.

Of course, we do it throughout the week. Actually we hang with each other most of the later afternoon/evening, however it’s that time is usually spent at home. This will be extra special since we have unlimited time to hang together over the weekend! Yeah!!!!

We’ll get it started today after work/school. Well… actually, it’ll most likely get started this evening. The BF is dropping by after he gets off of work, but that’ll be brief. Once he’s gone, she wants to veg out and watch movies. I’ll be sure to have a portable project on hand (knitting) and afterwards she wants to play World of Warcraft.Sorry babe,  as much as I love you this is a “girl party,” and you are not invited. He understands.

Tomorrow, she wanted to go to the mall in the morning and she also wanted to attend a local carnival; however, that does not start until 5:00 p.m! You would think, on a Saturday, they would be open during the day, right? We can’t attend in the later afternoon since we’re supposed to attend a benefit for breast cancer around the same time. Sighs… oh well, carnival season is right around the corner and so it looks like we’ll be attending a different carnival later in the month.

Tiana and Naveen
The Frog Princess

More 1:1 time…

The BF and I have plans to actually go out on a date on Sunday.  So you see, I have just the two of us plans with him also! We’re both looking forward to that. My daughter usually accompanies us and as much as we both love her and enjoy having her with us, it will be nice having some 1:1 time together.

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Yes, she’s growing up fast and pretty soon, she would want time to do thing son her own as well. Must learn to let go slowly…and she too must do the same. Two’s a company, three is a crowd…sometimes. 😉
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Looking forward to the posts and pics of the weekend and mom/daughter time!
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