Merry Christmas and Free Pattern available from Tin Can Knits

Merry Christmas Everyone!


It’s been a wonderful day for my daughter and myself. We’re spending our Christmas at home. About an hour ago, we did make a quick trip to our favorite Chinese restaurant. We don’t eat there often, but now and again we stop in for a treat.

A few moments ago, I logged onto Ravelry… and was thrilled to learn that Tin Can Knits is giving away a free pattern.  Naturally when I was looking through their lovely patterns, I’ve chosen additional ones that I want to knit. I’ve added tincanknits to my favorites since I’ll be back to purchase a pattern from them. I love their designs, and was pleased to learn that they have their own blog too! I’ve purchased quite a few patterns via the Ravelry website, and am always happy to discover new designers.

For my free pattern, I chose the Pop Blanket. I’m knitting a few blankets (long-term projects) but it doesn’t hurt to add another to my blanket pile, right? In order to take advantage of the freebie you must enter the code, Share the Love. This offer is good until January 1, 2013.

I’ll need to decide on the yarn I want for the background color. For myself, I’ll use dark color most likely a grey or perhaps a chocolate brown? Then, I’ll need to choose some colorful variegated yarns for the circles.

Pop Blanket knitted by Ravelry user, woolymountains
Pop Blanket knitted by Ravelry user, woolymountains

woolymountains Pop Blanket_2


I was thrilled when I looked through the projects and stumbled upon another user who had a similar idea; darker background and variegated yarn for the circles. I really love what Ravelry user, woolmountains did with her blanket… excellent work!

Nudging Curls & Q, D’Nali, and Sarah’s Crochet since I know they all knit.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Photo Source: Ravelry

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Oooh, that looks lovely!! Hope you are doing well and had a lovely Christmas!
Susanne recently posted..Cheerful…ish


So pretty! Oooooo! Merry Christmas!!!!
Jennifer recently posted..Vegan Creamed Spinach


Question…are all of your yarns you use vegan or do you use non-vegan? Just curious 🙂
Jennifer recently posted..Vibrant Vegan eBook – 20 Amazing Raw Vegan Kale Chips Recipes


I totally know what you mean! Wool makes me itch too, mostly, but some doesn’t. But I agree that most sheep would feel better once they are shaved – just like grooming a dog. Not that I would wear my dog’s fur but I guess I just mean I don’t mind it as much as – say – leather. I don’t do leather…at all! That’s a different matter!
Jennifer recently posted..Left Overs – Spinach Rice Chickpea Dish


A Blessed Christmas to you, Opal, and to your loved ones too. Ooooo…what lovely snow you have in your blog…and is that a blanket? Nice, so very nice! Enjoy your holidays!
suituapui recently posted..Fly away…

Beth Ellen Nagle

I really love that pop blanket!
Beth Ellen Nagle recently posted..Capturing Snowflakes

[…] another free knitting pattern available, the catch is you have to take  advantage of this offer before the end of Jan 1, […]

curls and q

Q – Yea, I got mine already. 😎 Love the blanket pattern. It does pop!
curls and q recently posted..And So It Begins