More knitted washcloths; more rave reviews…

Last week, I finally got around to gifting the BF with six more of the knitted washcloths that I had made. At the time, I had asked him to take pictures of the of the knitted washcloths and yesterday he remembered, took the pictures and sent them to me.

Knitted Washcloths 1 ICL_6_15
I love knitting washcloths. It’s a portable project that can follow me almost anywhere.


I don’t know if you can tell, but in the above picture he tried to arrange the knitted washcloths in a heart formation. Wasn’t that sweet?  The accompanying text, that he sent with the pictures said… “to my heart of hearts.” Granted, at the time, I did not make the connection, until he asked did I see he’d arranged the washcloths into a heart formation? After he pointed that out… I saw it (sort of) and thought it was super sweet.

Knitted Washcloths 2 ICL_6_15
Hand knit washcloths. They are super absorbent!


This morning, he finally tried out one of the above knitted washcloths. I’d been asking him since I gifted them to him to try them. He’s been using the knitted washcloths that he already has; however, since this is a different brand of cotton (and a bit softer than the first brand) I wanted to see if it was just as absorbent and if it produced the same amount of lather.

The results? On his way to work, he called me and told me that these washcloths are awesome too! Score! I have a few more washcloths to make before his set is complete and then… I’m calling it “done” for him.

I’m still trying to think of what to do for his parents. We really enjoyed visiting them. I’m unsure if I should make them knitted washcloths, or something else? We’ll see…

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My girl was trying her hand at something like this while she was on holiday – managed to make a nice beanie…but I think what she was doing was crocheting, not knitting.
suituapui recently posted..Come back again…