Movie: Old Fashioned

Check out the clip below…

I must say that I’m thrilled that this DVD movie is being released today. I follow Old Fashioned on Facebook and immediately pounced on the pre-order when it was available. Checking Amazon, I should be receiving the movie today the day it’s being released. Hooray. I really want to watch the movie TODAY; however, I will wait until this weekend when I can watch the movie with the BF.

You want to know something? I normally don’t watch romance movies; however, this one does appeal to me since it focuses on a couple, who are taking their time within their relationship and they are going about the process in an old fashioned way.


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That older actress who plays the mother/grandmother role looks familiar – I will have to wiki it but I think she played ‘grams’ on Dawson’s Creek back in the day! Looks like a nice movie! I will keep an eye out for it!
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I ended up watching in on Netflix last year actually – I do remember watching it while it was on years ago but didn’t watch all of them until last year 🙂
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