One busy weekend

As I mentioned, in an earlier post,  my daughter, BF and were planning to spend the weekend with his parents in Delaware. We did! They live in Bridgeville, Delaware. It’s about two hours from where I live in Maryland. I must say that we all had a wonderful time. My daughter and I really enjoyed getting to know his parents a bit more. We’d met them on Easter and I’ve been communicating with them via email.

They live in a 55 and older community. I must say I was blown away by the amenities that are located within the community. There’s a few restaurants, community pool, library, gym and many other things that escape my mind at the moment. The houses are huge.

Time at the pool

Late Saturday morning, you could find all of us by the pool. Since it was early, we had the place to ourselves, which was perfectly fine with us and much appreciated by my daughter since she spent most of the time within the pool. We stayed for around three hours and afterwards washed and went to lunch.


Saturday evening, the BF suggested we go to Ocean City.  It’s the first time my daughter or I have been there. I personally would have been content to stay at his parents house. It was the weekend and I knew it was going to be crowded. However, the BF was determined to go since my daughter had never been and he wanted her to experience the overwhelming feeling of just being there and I agreed with him. After all… this evening was not about me, it was about my daughter and I did have a great time. My daughter loved it and is looking forward to going back some time soon. I will say that it took us a long time to drive down to the boardwalk. Oh my goodness! it was bumper to bumper traffic! Ocean City is about an hour away from where his parents live in Delaware; however, we got off at around the 61st street? From there on down to the boardwalk was a crawl and so… it took us almost two hours to go forty blocks! Screams…

Fun with a jigsaw puzzle

During our down time, my daughter, the BFs mom and me attempted to put together a puzzle. I must say we made a nice dent in the puzzle before we left on Sunday. It’s my only regret that we did not take a picture of what we’d accomplished. All the same, we had a great time fitting the puzzle pieces together, talking and laughing. When done with others, piecing a puzzle is a wonderful social activity.

On Sunday, we went to the BFs parents Catholic Church. I must say that I really enjoyed the entire service and look forward to attending again when we pay them another visit.

Of course, we took plenty of pictures while we were away for the weekend, and I’ll be sure to post some of them here on I’m Celebrating Life, very soon.

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We’ve been to Ocean City a couple of times, but never during the peak season on a weekend. One time we went in the spring when it was still cool. It’s a very different environment than during the summer.
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Sounds wonderful! I haven’t been to Ocean City YET but hope to at some point.
Jennifer recently posted..Vegan Mac & Cheese Pizza!


Sure looks like a lovely place!
suituapui recently posted..Come back again…


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