New computer: Acer Nitro 5; Downloading Final Fantasy XIV

Earlier today, I purchased another laptop, it’s a 17″ Acer Nitro 5 for myself. It’s listed as a gaming computer; however, I will be doing most of my online coursework from here. I also purchased a wireless mouse. I bought them both from Best Buy earlier today. I took advantage of their curbside delivery.

I’m currently going through setting things up on the computer, moving files from one of the desktops to this computer, and perhaps later, I’ll play a video game with my daughter. Currently, I’m downloading Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve never played it before. However, I’m curious to check it out. I’m a World of Warcraft player, although admittedly, I haven’t’ actively played WoW in months, let’s be honest… years. However, I still enjoy playing the occasional game. I’m just not that impressed with WoW. I have plenty of fond memories within WoW and have met folks that have turned into real-life friends. The friends will stay even when I leave the game for good.

Currently, I’m in my daughter’s room watching her play Genshin Impact on her PS4. Later this year, I’ll be purchasing another MacBook Pro. I’ll give the new computer to my daughter, and take her old MacBook.


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