Nothing but burgers….

Red bean burgers_1
Recycled photo – Homemade Red Bean Burgers; vegan

This past weekend, I made black bean burgers for my daughter. Similar to the ones shown to the left. I’d prepared those a while ago,  but instead of red beans… I used black beans.

Many of my non-vegan friends are surprised at how delicious a bean burger can taste. I don’t add all those crappy meat substitutes that you’ll find in many of the veggie burgers that are sold. I use beans and produce. I’ve found those make the tastiest burgers.

Since my daughter is still on a burger kick, yesterday, I made more. But this time I used animal products and so I used ground beef and pork. Since, the thought of just eating meat has no appeal to my daughter whatsoever, I added finely chopped carrots, onion and mushrooms. In my mortar and pestle I ground Himalayan sea salt, black cumin seeds, cumin and other spices. Both varieties (vegan and non-vegan) received an enthusiastic thumbs up from my daughter. Some of my daughter’s friends think she’s a bit off, since she really does not care for fast food and who could blame her. Since she consumes meals freshly prepared meals daily,  she can tell the difference and she thinks that fast food and processed food tastes a bit “off”. She’s right, it does to me also, but then again, we don’t eat that way. Our diet is whole foods, which simply means as close to the natural food source as possible. If anything is going to be “processed,” I (or she’ll) be the one doing that.

When I get around to uploading pictures, I’ll be sure to post them on Celebrate Life. Today, most likely, will be a simple meal. Tonight is my daughter’s Christmas play and I have some finishing touches left to do on her dress that I’ve sewn for her. The good news is she really loves how the dress looks.

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[…] These are the burgers I mentioned yesterday. I added hard cheddar cheese to some of the burgers, since my daughter likes them a lot. I made enough burgers to freeze and set aside for when I’m to busy to cook. This way, the only thing I have to do is heat up the food and serve to my daughter. […]


Yeah…I’m not a fan of many meat substitutes – I don’t usually eat them. Maybe a packaged veggie burger if I didn’t have time to prepare something for a last minute camping trip during summer – sometimes I might try a new packaged vegan product if it’s new but certainly NOT often – I never liked real meat – why would I want to eat the fake version of the stuff I didn’t like before, ya know!? LOL
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A bean burger! That’s nice! I used to make something like that using soya beans – after pounding the soaked beans to make soya bean milk and using the pulp. It’s something like wadai – the Indian delicacy. Very nice!
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